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Reasons Why I Ride

Cycling has become a way of life for me. I ride because I did not want to become a statistic. Both of my parents struggled with obesity and I was on that road as well. Through cycling and maintaining proper nutrition I have lost 70 pounds and kept the majority of it off for over the past 10 years. Cycling has brought me much joy over the years. One of my best experiences was participating in the Grand Fondo National Championship Series and finishing 4th in the Nation. Just like life, there’s been some low points as well, one of those was my crash at the Boone Grand Fondo in August of 2018. That’s another story I’d love to share with you in a different post. My greatest joy continues to be riding in a group and working for each other. When we all get back to the parking lot and I hear the successes of the ride..the great pulls and climbs. The successes of each ride breeds confidence for the next ride.

Cycling is one of those sports that can be both a team sport and a solo sport. When one chooses to work together with other riders, he/she will improve themselves greatly. We see events like the Tour de France, where there is an eight man team competing in those events. Those men together are riding for a solo rider to win the event. A solo rider cannot win without the team. We need to approach cycling that way. Riding for one another and riding for the group, as we all as respecting each other’s abilities, with the main focus to make everyone better. Each rider is different, with different strengths, but we ride working towards the same goal.

There is so much a bike can teach you. Let me leave you with this..the bike will give you back what you put into it, just like life.

Coach Jack Daniel

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